Saturday, October 19, 2019

Informative interview memo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Informative interview memo - Essay Example succeeded because he had interest on computers and really wanted to know more about programming in computer of which today, he is a profession in that area. My interest to visit Mr. Lyson, is because he had programmed a software for my father that he used in his general shop for recording of sales, profits and losses in that shop. The software functioned very well and interested many people including me. Because I am studying computer information and technology, that’s why I called for this meeting, in which he gave me several ideas to be successful in my study. He advised me to be serious in everything I learn and do. He told me to carefully listen and do what my lecturer will tell me to do and just follow simple instructions given, like he did during his time. He also told me that he has part time learning after job, where he meets with some students for computer study classes at his home. He advised me to join them for extra learning. Although he is qualified, he faces some challenges in his job. We discussed some of this challenges and how he avoids them whenever he meets them. In his company, they deal with computer repairs, software development and management. He gets a lot of orders from different companies requesting him to create some programmes and software for them. The great challenge that he gets in his company is lack of qualified workers. He don’t have enough workers to assist him develop his company. This is because there are no qualified people around to employ in the company. The reason of this is that people take computer programming to be very default lesson to learn. Most people don’t have interest on this study. To solve this problem, he decide to come up with an idea of building school, that is now under construction, to make people have interest and easier thee access of utilities this people require to study computers. Mr. Lyson repeatedly explained that, to be successful in anything you must be committed and have interest in

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